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The Punisher
Corey Sosner
Eric von Sydow

For Promotional Use Only Not For Resale

Corey Sosner Eric von Sydow
John Vamvas John Di Domenico
Mario Tevis  

Produced by Corey Sosner
Directed by Corey Sosner
Oliver Xavier

End Credits

The Punisher Corey Sosner
Wolverine Eric Von Sydow
Jimmy The Sausage Johnny Vamvas
Johnny Poggioli John Di Domenico
Slim Vinny Mario Tevis
Hooker Olga Montes
Joey Jose Alica
No-Nose Angel Arce
Policeman  Phil Sosner
Santa Claus Oliver Xavier
Sal Giovann1 Gulino
Luigi Jamie Gonzalez
Bobby Tracey Trojan
Hot Brunett Michelle Stock
Hot Blonde Erin O’Neil
Thugs Peter Vamvas
Tommy Carbone
Doormen Jeff Kovatch
Paul Rossi
Kingpin Wallace Carter
Jigsaw Eddie Yaghen
Mr. Danvers Jim Salicrup
Asphodel April M. Isambert
Reporters JP Stiles
Richard Siller
Ken Wong
Jared Gnieweh
Jamal Igle
Extra Voices John Monfordo
Extra Bodies Emmit Nervend
Producer Corey Sosner
Directors Corey Sosner
Oliver Xavier
Editor M. Sean McManus
Script Corey Sosner
M. Sean McManus
Johnny Vamvas
Camera Eric Bilodeau
Visna Cho
Drew Husosky
Jon Peter Zemak
Arron Commareri
James Panetta
Mike E. Pringle
Photographer Visna Cho
Sound Artie Smith
Arias Socorroco
Post Production Audio Dave Saia
Script Assistant Kristina Bada
Make-Up Jo-Pat
Tatiana Duarpe
Lauren Aracil
Natalya Pimpao
Make-Up Effects Texa FX Group
Oliver Xavier
Michel Bougie
Luc Poudrier
Shawn Stevens
Jigsaw Make-up Ronny Chamberlin
Paul Rossi
Digital FX The Warped One
Digital Blood FX Fictis Productions
Punisher’s Trechncoat provided by
Production Storyboards Tommy Castillo
Cover Art
Artist Darick Robertson
Colors Chris Moreno
Original Music Robert Alpert
New Metropolis Music
Production Music
“How I Could Just Kill A Man” Rage Against the Machine
Written by Cypress Hill
“Christmas in Hollis” Run DMC
“White Christmas” Bing Crosby
Sound Effects The Hollywood Edge
Sound Design
Special Thanks
The producer would like to thank the following
Joe Domick, Smooth-On (Easton, PA)
Stretch One Limosine (Jackson, NJ)
El Tunnel Banquet Hall (Newark, NJ)
Trojan Mechanical (Pearl River, NY)
Café Cross Corners Pool Hall (Montreal, Canada)
Rocekt City Records (Los Angeles, CA)
Sial (Montreal, Canada)
Electrolation (Montreal, Canada)
Magic Vibe Sound Porudction (Philadelhpia, PA)
Banyan Productions (Philadelphia, PA)
Goen Technologies (Whippany, NJ)
Tom Estrada (web design
Mara, for all your help… thanks.
“The Sausage”
Johnny Vinny
John Vamvas John Di Domenico Mario Christopher Tevis

Jigsaw KingPin Prostitute
Eddie Yaghen Wallace Carter Olga Montes

Joey No Nose Sal “The Slicer”
Jose Alica Angel Arce Giovanni Gulino

Luigi Bobby Babe 1
Jaime Gonzalez Tracey Trojan Michelle Stock

Babe 2 Thug 1 Thug 2
Erin O’ Neil Peter Vamvas Tommy Carbone

Policeman Asphodel Mr. Danvers
Phil Sosner April M. Isambert Jim Salicrup

Doorman 1 Doorman 2 Santa
Jeff Kovatch Paul Rossi Oliver Xavier





Title Sequence
Designer/Animator The Cold One
Pencils Guy Dorian
Inks Rick Bonilla
Colors Across the Pond
Barry Williams
Additional Colors Mara Fox
Sound Design Tim Geary
Apple Final Cut Pro 4.1
Apple DVD Studio Pro 2.0
Adobe After Effects 5.5
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Adobe Illustrator 10

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